Music Business 101 for Artists

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Intermediate 44 lessons (2h 11m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

The modern music business is more diverse and innovative than ever, there are many ways to forge a succesful career beyond going through the traditional gatekeepers of the industry. But the business has never been more complicated and fast-changing. The Featured Artist Coalition (FAC) is dedicated to helping artists take ownership of their careers. The FAC has brought together a range of trusted industry experts to give you the facts and advice you need on the topics essential to an artists' business.

Experts in management, marketing, law, funding, accounting and wellbeing provide a comprehensive guide to the modern music industry and a roadmap to how to succeed, according to your own artistic goals. The Featured Artist Coalition board is comprised of artists such as Annie Lennox, Ed O'Brien (Radiohead), Fran Healy (Travis), Jeremy Pritchard (Everything Everything), and Nick Mason (Pink Floyd). This course contains the advice they wish they had access to when coming up in the industry. If you want to craft a sustainable and successful career as an aritst, you need to take the FAC's Music Business 101