Take your drumming to the next level with our online Drum and Percussion lessons. Taught by world leading musicians, our drum and percussion lessons are designed to make you the musician you’ve always wanted to be. 

Our professionals are sharing their hard-earned tips and experience in HD video and sound. Featuring strategically placed camera angles to show you exactly how they are hitting those drums.

Our amazing collection of drum and percussion courses include online hand drum lessons, snare drum lessons and much more. We even have a collection of exclusive Rockschool online drum lessons, taught by some of the original Rockschool tutors and creatives in MusicGurus’ dynamic online learning style.

With our online drum and percussion lessons, you can perfect the basics of your craft, learn about music theory, discover new drumming styles such as New Orleans drumming, play around with improv and much more. 

Each drum and percussion course is made up of small, bite sized music lessons to make it easy to process the information and fit learning into your busy routine. With a one-off payment and no subscription fees the course is yours for life and you can replay each lesson as many times as you like until you nail the new techniques. 

Depending on the course, you may also be able to gain exclusive access to our interactive music sheets so that you can see the notes as you play alongside your tutor. Or you can browse our full range of drum song books for extra practice outside of class. 

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our full range of online drum and percussion lessons below and level up your skills today.


Take your drumming to the next level with these exciting courses

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