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Our RockSchool music courses are designed to help take you to the next level in your music learning journey. Check out our full collection of exciting contemporary and popular music courses, created in partnership with Rockschool.

As the leading supplier in rock exams since the 90s, our collaborative RockSchool courses combine RockSchool’s knowledge and expertise with MusicGurus’ dynamic online learning style. With our courses, you will learn from professional musicians and some of the original authors of the RockSchool grade system. 

Our RockSchool popular music courses are the best of both worlds – you’ll learn proper music theory and technique whilst also learning how to play the songs you know and love. In the end, you’ll be ready to take the official Rockschool exam and gain an internationally recognised RSL Contemporary Art Award.  

During the course, our pro musicians will give you a performance of each song, alongside a technical analysis of each piece, plus additional help, tips and tricks. With each course you will also get demonstrations of helpful scales, arpeggios and other exercises. Each course even comes with its own collection of backing tracks and sheet music so that you can practice outside of the videos. 

Our courses will help you master modern day pop and rock classics by the likes of the Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Joni Mitchell, Adele, The Beatles and more! By the end, you’ll be playing like the pros themselves.

Our courses include RockSchool Guitar, RockSchool Drums, RockSchool Piano and more in Grades 1 – 8. So, no matter your instrument or grade, our RockSchool collection has a lesson for any instrument of your choice and for any stage of your music learning journey. 

So, try one of our RockSchool music courses today and get everything you need to nail that RockSchool exam.

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