Browse our String Instruments courses below to find online violin lessons, viola lessons, cello lessons and much more, taught by classical and contemporary masters. Learn from the pros and level up your playing with MusicGurus. 

Discover online violin lessons, violas lessons, cello lessons, banjo lessons and much more in a variety of techniques and styles. Uncover new genres such as Rock or Jazz violin; learn classics such as Beethoven and Shostakovitch; or simply have fun with improv and other creative techniques.

Our String Instrument courses are taught by world leading musicians, celebrities and industry professionals in both classical and contemporary fields. Watch and learn as they share their knowledge and experience in HD video and sound. 

Each string instrument course is made up of small, bite sized lessons so that you can easily fit online music learning into your routine. Each video features carefully positioned camera angles so that you can see exactly how the instruments are being played. 

With a one-off payment and no subscription fees, the string instrument course is yours for life. Empowering you to take learning into your own hands by allowing you to repeat the course as many times as you like, so that one day you’re able to play like the pros. 

Depending on the course, you will also be able to email your professional tutor and access exclusive interactive sheet music. You can also browse our full collection of engaging song books that allow you to loop, slow down and replay the songs as many times as you like, so that you can play along at your own pace and practice like a pro.

So, take learning into your own hands and level up your music skills today. Browse our exciting collection of string instrument courses below to get started!


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