Logic Pro X: Recording, Sampling, Mixing and FX

with Aamir Yaqub

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Beginner 42 lessons (3h 59m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

"How to work with audio in Logic Pro X: Recording, Sampling, Mixing and FX" is presented by Grammy Award winning producer & engineer Aamir Yaqub.

In this course, which teaches you the fundamentals of Logic Pro, you will learn all the skills needed to produce a track from end to end.

You will learn:
- How to record and edit audio
- Comping and how to record several takes
- How to use Flex time, Flex pitch, Varispeed and track alternatives
- How to add Audio Effects (delays, reverb, distortion, pitch, amp & pedal effects, EA< dynamic processors)
- All about Sampling (why and how using Logic's Quick Sampler and Sampler)
- How to finish a track using automation, track stacks
- A bit of mixing and mastering as well!

This is a great course if you're starting out in music production or if you're already comfortable with another DAW and you wan to harness Logic's unique creative power.

Get started now to take your music recording and production to the next level!

The course has been designed by Garnish Music Productions – the world's boutique music production school.