Funky Fundamentals for Pop Singing

with Kim Chandler

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Intermediate 56 lessons (1h 38m) Backing tracks included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

"Funky Fundamentals for Pop Singing" is made up of 30 minutes of video introductions and over 60 minutes of audio tracks.

This fun online singing course is designed for beginner & intermediate-level singers who want to delve into the foundations of vocal technique and relevant musicianship for pop singers. More advanced singers can also benefit from checking back in with these principles.

This 4-level course is sequential and covers the basics: warm-ups, breath management, tonal development, pitch accuracy, range optimisation, agility and articulation through the medium of 7 different funky exercises per level. There are short video introductions for each exercise to demonstrate how they are to be done followed by the audio tracks of each exercise. 

The 28 exercises in this Fundamentals program have been carefully selected from Kim’s popular “Funky ‘n Fun” program comprising 94 exercises in total that are used in private studios, institutions, colleges, schools, choirs and even by charting artists as warm-ups on tour. So there’s much more to explore if this course has whet your appetite!