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Beginner 25 lessons (1h 37m) Sheet music included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

Got a guitar at home that you wish you could play better?

Get started playing guitar with the help of singer-songwriter Lissie and learn to play two of her songs ‘When I’m Alone’ and ‘Everywhere I Go’ with these interactive online guitar lessons.

Lissie describes herself as a self-taught guitar player, focused more on emotion and rhythm than technique, and has developed her own approach to playing the guitar based on a handful of easy to learn chord shapes that can be easily moved around on the guitar fretboard to play almost any song including many of Lissie's own tracks.

In this exclusive online music course recorded at the Pool Studio in London, Lissie teaches you this simple method, and how to use it to play two of her superb hit songs.

You don’t have to read music to take this course. All you need is a love of Lissie’s music, an acoustic or electric guitar and a willingness to learn!

Over 25 lessons you will learn:

  • Guitar basics + tuning the guitar

  • Essential chord shapes

  • Strumming and picking technique

  • Tips for singing and playing the guitar

  • How to play two of Lissie’s songs – ‘When I’m Alone’ and ‘Everywhere I Go’

The course includes two exclusive acoustic performances recorded at The Pool studio in London complete with interactive and downloadable chord charts. It is suitable for complete beginner through to intermediate players or simply those that want a rare glimpse 'behind the scenes' of Lissie's music.