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Live Performance in Ableton Live

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Practical course to get you to the next level in your live performance.
Save hours by getting inside the live set of one of the most in-demand Ableton-certified trainers and Berklee College of Music teachers around!

Instrument Music Production

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A MusicGurus course makes the perfect gift

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Course Length
30 lessons · 2h 20m

Hi, Brian Funk aka. AfroDJmac here.

I've been performing live with Ableton Live for years now, and I remember the effort I went through to figure out how to use the software for live performance.

So I've put together the ultimate course that I wish existed when I first got serious! ...and sharing all my production secrets.

If you have ever wanted to get on a stage and perform using Ableton, this is the course for you. These ideas and techniques work for a solo artist like myself, DJs, instrumentalists in bands, and sound engineers. I have used Ableton to perform my songs all by myself, to play synths and instruments in bands, to apply effects to other instrumentalists and vocalists, to DJ, and even to provide sound effects and music in theatrical performances. The applications are limitless.

Everything in the course is meant to be practical and useful. I discuss everything from effectively routing your tracks, setting up your sessions in a sensical manner, incorporating live and virtual instruments, setting up controllers, recording your performances, live looping, and even how I have been integrating Ableton's Push into live performance. I approach every technique in ways that will actually work live and are mindful of CPU usage.  There are even tips on how to keep things interesting for your audience.

Bonus Ableton Devices Included!
I've also packed the course with some really handy Audio and MIDI Effect Racks. The 10 Effect Racks will help you add character, clean up mixes, do rudimentary mastering, create drum fills and glitch sounds, as well as emulate things like the MPC's famous note repeat. They come in a separate Ableton set and can easily be saved to your library for use in any project. (These devices require Ableton Live 9).

Good luck, I know this course will get you to the next level in your live performances and musical journey.

Gear used on this course: MOTU Ultralite 2 audio interface, OP-1 Synth, iPad with synths (MiniBrute, Soundprism Pro app), Midi Controllers (Akai APC-40, Novation Launchpad, Akai MPK mini, Softstep foot controller), Ableton Push

Pre-requisite: basic knowledge of Ableton Live, for example I won't be explaining the difference between Session and Arrangement view, or the various Warp modes."

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I'm a musician, producer, songwriter, and Ableton Certified Trainer. Since 2014, I've been teaching the Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live Course for Berklee College of Music.I've played guitar, bass, drums, synths and sang in various touring rock bands. These days, I focus on my solo electronic set which allows me to take my experiments in the studio to the stage. I'm extremely passionate about sharing knowledge and learning from others.

My Work
I love writing, teaching, and sound design. I produce Ableton Live Tutorials and lots of Sound Packs. I began releasing Free Ableton Live Packs in 2011 and so far there are over 125. As an Ableton Certified Trainer, I've given many lessons and seminars, covering every stage of the production process. I'm currently teaching Ableton Live for Berklee College of Music. My blog is where I do most of my writing, but I also love to contribute to other publications.

My Music
I'm influenced by rock and roll, video games, early hip hop, punk and electronica.  Some of my favorite artists are The Beatles, Neil Young, Nirvana, Aerosmith, and Neon Indian. Central to my songwriting is sound design.  I love sampling sounds, turning them into playable instruments, and running guitars and synthesizers through various pieces of electronic equipment. My live performances consist of mixing and composing songs on the fly, while playing live instruments and singing.  Because I draw on influences of yesterday and today, I like to describe my sound as "futuristic, yet nostalgic."

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