The Saxophone Method Vol. 1: Foundation Techniques

with John O'Neill

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Beginner 25 lessons (2h 10m) Sheet music included Backing tracks included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

John O'Neill has taught tens of thoursands of students through his best-selling saxophone methods.

In this online course, you'll get a chance to learn the saxophone close-up and personal with John himself, who'll demonstrate the set-up and and explain his techniques in detail.

This is what John would show you in a private lesson if you were coming to him for the first time!

The course is split into three parts:

  • Saxophone setup - John explains the instrument, the mouthpiece, the reeds you should use, how to put instrument together & take it apart, and you should look after it
  • Foundation techniques - Posture, Breathing, Tonguing and Embouchure
  • Practice pieces - John walks you step by step on how to play your first pieces, a tango and a reggae groove!

This course will make you a stronger, more confident saxophone player. Avoid common mistakes and master the right techniques from the start.

If you've already a saxophone player and feel stuck, it may be time to revisit your foundations and sanity-check your technique!

BONUS - this course includes sheet music and the backing tracks to play along to.