A Guide To Music Publishing And Synchronization

with Jay Mistry

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Intermediate 21 lessons (4h 21m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

Jay Mistry has worked in publishing & sync for the likes of PRS, Discovery Channel, Jingle Punks and BMG where he was asked to set up their income tracking department from scratch. His own company was the first independent royalty tracking service of its kind and boasted clients such as Eric Clapton and The Beatles!

Having now garnered the intricacies of copyright and royalties, Jay will teach you how to make publishing and synchronization work for you!

In this course, Jay covers:

  • Copyright and the types of rights in music
  • How to work with publishers & how to get your music published
  • Contracts - with a "jargon-buster" glossary of terms
  • Getting paid & the various ways to collect income through publishing
  • Synchronization
  • Day-to-day life of a composer writing for film & TV
  • How to make it in the business

Bonus material: 8 additional interviews with industry experts - musicians, composers, PRS experts, music supervisors, music production companies. Learn from their real-world, insider experience.

FREE DOWNLOADS: Sample contracts and briefs

Please note that these courses no longer includes personal feedback, which has been reflected in the pricing.

Course moderated by the excellent Harry Leckstein of Tileyard Education.
Ident: “Animal” by Norquay. From the EP Vices