Record live drums like a pro

with Nikolaj Bjerre

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Beginner 22 lessons (2h 11m) Backing tracks included

From producing music for the BBC to headlining Glastonbury, Nik is an accomplished drummer and drum producer across a range of contemporary styles.

The course includes 2x challenge assignments where you can have a go at recording drums and get 1-2-1 personal support and feedback from Nik - golddust advice that will get you on the right track with drum production and keep you there.

In this course, he'll walk you through his four favorite techniques for recording drums at home or in the studio:

  • a simple 1 mic setup, a great way to lay down a quick demo
  • a 3 mic setup, adding the kick-drum and snare in the mix
  • a 5 mic setup, also known as the Glyn Johns' recording method
  • the "ultimate" close-mic setup using 13 mics

Basically he'll show you how he works on a daily basis and what he does during a recording session. For each setup, Nik will walk you through the types of microphones he uses and explain how to place them to get the best sound.

Because you'll be looking at such a wide range of techniques for recording drums, this course can be applied to recording at home in a very simple setup or you can use the more advanced techniques in the recording studio.

If want to start out with drum recording up your game in drum production this course will get you on the fast track!

What's included?

22 lessons (2h 11m) Advanced video features Bonus audio content Mobile, tablet & desktop access 100% satisfaction guarantee