Exploring Jazz Saxophone: Part 1 - Getting Started

with Ollie Weston

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Ollie Weston is a Saxophonist and Music Educator who has performed in live and studio settings with artists as diverse as Amy Winehouse, Tim Minchin, Bonobo, Frank Turner, The London Jazz Orchestra and many more.

In this first course based on the best selling book Exploring Jazz Saxophone, published by Schott Music, Ollie opens the door for alto saxophone players on how to get started improvising in a jazz style.

Recorded at the legendary 606 Jazz club in Chelsea, London, the course starts with how to improvise over a blues progression with a great swing feel, and goes on to cover how to form jazz chord types like major 7, minor 7 and dominant 7 and how to improvise over them using arpeggios and modes. Ollie also covers upper extensions and provides an easy to understand approach for getting started playing modes inlcuding Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian and Mixolydian.

The course includes:

  • PDF of the Schott Music published book 
  • 6 practice songs
  • Interactive sheet music that can be slowed down and looped
  • "Play along" backing tracks recorded with a live band 
  • Figures

This course has everything you need to start playing great sounding jazz with clarity, control and precision. Let's get started!