Creative Sampling & Production in Ableton Live

with John Watson

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Intermediate 14 lessons (2h 26m) Backing tracks included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

Seasoned producer and music technology educator John Watson teaches you how to use samples & sampling creatively in Ableton Live.

In this course, John walks you through the process of building a track - using only samples! He uses his personal sample collection to do so - field recordings from across the world, vinyl samples, and samples that he records during the course with his Korg Electribe drum machine and MicroKorg synth.

After setting up the project and taking a tour of the sample library, you'll learn how to use the Simpler and Sampler devices in Ableton Live to trigger samples and record them into your track. Learn everything you've always wanted to know about Trimming, Time stretching, EQing, and Tuning samples, Recording with MIDI and Converting to audio.

John will show you in detail how to use Session and Arrange views in Ableton Live and then walk you through the mixing and mastering of the track:

  • Understanding Attack, Sustain, Decay, Release
  • EQ'ing with EQ Eight
  • Adding reverb using a send/return configuration
  • Adding Compression with a variety of compressors (including Glue Compressor device for rhythm parts)

BONUS DOWNLOAD: As a gift with the course, John has provided you with a 40MB download of all the samples used in the course, as well as his Ableton Live project files.

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