Creating new parts in Ableton Live with MIDI and Audio

with Isaac Cotec

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Beginner 17 lessons (1h 33m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

We've teamed up with acclaimed Certified Ableton Trainer Isaac Cotec to create the "ultimate" 3-part Ableton Live course that walks you through all the concepts that you'll need to master it. This is part 2 of the course, for people already familiar with the basics of the program - navigating it, the browser, session & arrangement views, Warp modes etc. (you can check out part 1 here)

In this part of the course, you'll learn all about recording audio, editing MIDI, adding MIDI - everything you need to know to create new parts & new content in Ableton Live. Using "live video", presentations and shots of his screen, Isaac makes it really easy to follow everything he's doing.

Specifically, Isaac helps you build the following skills:

  • Recording audio: Setting up a Sound Card, Routing audio and Monitoring, Recording Audio in Arrangement View
  • Editing MIDI: Understanding what is MIDI, editing MIDI, Using Envelopes and Loops, Using the Grid, MIDI Effects and changing MIDI data
  • Recording MIDI: Installing and setting up MIDI Controllers, Recording, Session Automation, Macro control mappings and Mapping Browser

INCLUDED are exercises and course downloads.