Exploring Jazz Violin part 1

with Chris Haigh

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Intermediate 26 lessons (1h 54m) Sheet music included Backing tracks included

Chris Haigh is a pro violinist based in the UK. He's played with the likes of Alison Moyet, Bob Geldof and Morcheeba. He's also a world-renowned fiddle expert and educator.

This course is based on the first part of his best-selling book Exploring Jazz Violin, and will get you playing jazz and improvising on violin in no time.

In this course Chris starts out showing you very easy ways to improvise, which he's perfected over years of teaching and workshops with classical and folk players who break out into a sweat at the mere thought of improvisation!

Chris will show you the basics of Jazz Violin playing and covers:

  • swing bowing
  • different types of scales and finger patterns
  • playing a head or melody
  • varying and developing a melody
  • using riffs or licks
  • using major pentatonic and blues scales
  • learning the styles of jazz violin greats such as Stephane Grappelli, Joe Venutti, Stuff Smith and Jean-Luc Ponty

Note that you need a small amount of classical theory to get started, but no jazz theory at all!

Throughout the course, Chris will use several jazz melodies to demonstrate particular ideas and the course comes with backing tracks so you can play along and try your own ideas and improvisation.

If you want to learn how to play jazz and improvise, then this is the course for you - let's get started!

What's included?

26 lessons (1h 54m) Advanced video features Downloadable sheet music Bonus audio content Mobile, tablet & desktop access 100% satisfaction guarantee