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Beginner 21 lessons (1h 34m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

Hi my name's Cyril, also known as DJ Deep. If you want to get serious about House and Techno then get involved and join me!

My passion for House and Techno Music allowed me to work with many pioneers, mentors or innovators, some of them became close friends like Kerri Chandler, Laurent Garnier, Masters at Work, Jeff Mills, Ben Klock, Joe Claussell, or Alex from Tokyo. Throughout my career I've had the chance to DJ in some of my favorite clubs such as Berghain, Rex Club, Fabric, etc… I've played alongside amazing DJs and Musicians and I've learned a lot from all these people and places, that’s how I built my own vision that i would love to share with you.

Note that this is NOT a "how to mix" tutorial-type course! The goal is really to share with you what house music means to me and inspire you with some of the joy that it's brought me over my career. I really want to help you find your own style and at the end of the course, you'll be armed with the tools and the confidence to do just that! 

The course is split into three parts:

  • First, we'll go back to the origins of house and why house music from Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Europe sound so different. I'll tell you how I found my style and what is my artistic approach to DJing, how I approach a set, how I choose tracks. I'll explain what I really think DJing is all about.
  • Then, I'll go over my entire DJ arsenal - explain my DJ setup and why I made those choices, from cartridges to mixers. I'll show you how technical choices play a big part in shaping your sound. I'll explain why iconic DJs such as Lil Louis or Masters at Work sound the way they do and how they achieve that sound. I'll show you how I work with analog and digital, how I digitize my vinyl, and manage my library. We'll have a Q&A with my friend Elisa, a young DJ from Paris, where I'll answer her practical questions about DJing.
  • Then in the third part of the course, we'll head over to Heartbeat records, my friend Melik's record shop in Paris where I'll show you how I dig for records.

Whether you're a beginning DJ trying to find your way or a producer with years of experience, I invite you to hang out in my studio and in the record store for a few hours, let's talk House and Techno!

Music credits: QuinzeQuinze - Bolero (DJ Deep Remix) - S76