Recording and mixing in Pro Tools

with Ciaran Robinson

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Beginner 32 lessons (2h 47m)

In this course, Ciaran takes you through the basics of setting up a Pro-Tools session, through to recording, editing and mixing, and ultimately creating a final bounced mix. Along the way, he'll show you the special tips, tricks and shortcuts that he's picked up during his 25 years in the industry

During the course, Ciaran gives you 1 assignment and 2 challenges to complete, which come with all required audio assets and Pro Tools sessions so you can get to work right away. As part of the challenges, you'll submit your work to Ciaran who'll give you personal, 1-to-1 video support and feedback -using the MusicGurus platform- to help you get awesome sounding results and get the most out of the course.

The course is split into 3 main sections: 1.Getting started and making your first recording, 2.Editing audio and 3.Mixing.
Check out the detailed lesson plan below...

Are you a musician who wants to record and mix your own music to pro level quality? or do you want to become a pro sound engineer or producer?
Then this course is for you!

Pre-requisite: you'll need to have a copy of Pro-Tools and a way of recording audio into your computer such as audio interface or soundcard and a decent quality microphone.

What's included?

32 lessons (2h 47m) Advanced video features Mobile, tablet & desktop access 100% satisfaction guarantee