Exploring Jazz Piano - Part 1

with Tim Richards

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Intermediate 78 lessons (4h 37m) Sheet music included Backing tracks included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

This course is based on Tim Richards' Exploring Jazz Piano, Volume 1, Awarded the prestigious Music Industries Association Award in 2006 for Best Pop Publication. The overall level is intermediate, and would suit pianists of Grade 4 standard and above.

In the course, Tim introduces pianists to the basic chord-types used in jazz, from major and minor triads to seventh and ninth chords.

Other topics covered include: Chord/scale relationships, modes, broken chord and scale patterns, pentatonic and blues scales, walking bass lines, Latin rhythms and bass lines, the diatonic cycle, secondary dominants, II V I sequences, horizontal and vertical improvisation, tritone substitution, two-handed voicings, rootless voicings, technical exercises and fingering, accompaniment styles, ear-training, discography (suggested listening).

The course is interactive and includes:

  • 70+ lessons with embedded figures and sheet music
  • 23+ songs and exercises for students to learn
  • interactive sheet music with slow down and looping
  • interactive + downloadable backing tracks 
  • downloadable PDFs for songs

If you're looking for a detailed, comprehensive method to progress at jazz piano, critics agree this is one of the best options available:

"I cannot praise it too highly... Vol. 1 and 2 together rank among the best instructional material that I have seen in the 21 years since Jazzwise started." - Charles Alexander, JAZZWISE Magazine

"Richards' approach is methodical, thorough and progressive. No shortage of useful information, much of it illuminated by the two well-played and well-produced backing tracks.. Years of fruitful and fascinating study to be had, and plenty of good advice." - Mark Gilbert, JAZZ REVIEW