Beginning Banjo with Avram Siegel

with Avram Siegel

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Beginner 33 lessons (1h 35m) Sheet music included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

This course is a tried and tested method for learning the five string banjo from Avram Siegel, an acclaimed banjo player and educator on the Californian bluegrass scene.

Avram starts with the basics, introducing some classic right hand patterns, and simple licks. At every stage techniques are placed in the context of tunes, and this course includes more than 8 tunes, including 'Bile 'Em Cabbage Down', 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown', and 'Fireball Mail'.

Each lesson includes tablature as a downloadable PDF, including for all tunes. Before long you'll be playing classic tunes from the banjo repertorie with rolls, slides, hammer ons, and authentic bluegrass right-hand patterns. On MusicGurus you'll be able to slow-down and loop any part of the lesson.

This is an ideal course for beginners, those coming from other instruments like guitar, or those who have played a little banjo already.

Please note this course was converted from a DVD licensed from MVD entertainment group, it is therefore in Standard Definition quality.