Master Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven: Movements I, II, and III

with Dejan Lazić

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Intermediate 20 lessons (2h 4m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

Master how to play the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, including all three movements. Dive into the genius mind and turbulent world of Ludwig van Beethoven, arguably the defining figure in the history of Western classical music.

This classical piano course is taught by none other than master musician, Dejan Lazić. Dejan is a Croatian pianist who’s fresh interpretations of the repertoire have established him as one of the most unique and unusual soloists of his generation. Dejan has been praised by Gramophone Magazine as “a brilliant pianist and a gifted musician full of ideas and able to project them persuasively”. 

In this exciting masterclass of online classical piano lessons, Dejan will guide you through the musical complexities of all three movements of Beethoven’s masterpiece: Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor, Quasi una fantasia, Op. 27 and No. 2; also known as The Moonlight Sonata. 

With the help of Dejan, you will learn:

I:    Adagio sostenuto

II:   Allegretto

III:  Presto agitato

Dejan will address various technical difficulties and stylistic challenges throughout the carefully curated course, to help you gain a deeper understanding of each movement and improve your own performance of the pieces.  

Watch the sonata be brought to life as our interactive sheet music plays next to Dejan on screen. Use this to play alongside Dejan's rendition of the piece and you will be sure to master the Moonlight Sonata in no time. You can also check out our full range of online piano lessons to continue building your skills.

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Happy practising!

Player reviews

“What a gift to aspiring pianists. I have only just begun and may never tackle the third movement, but already there have been many important ‘take-aways’ that will stay with me – not only as I complete this piece – but for everything I tackle for the rest of my playing life. I couldn’t recommend the course more highly! Worth every penny!”