Foundations of Rock Guitar Technique

with James Barratt

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Beginner 14 lessons (2h 12m) Sheet music included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

James Barratt has recorded and performed with famous artists and producers including Chris D’Adda (Stereophonics, Blondie etc), Nikki Shannon (Ronnie Dunn), Bridget Barkan (Scissor Sisters).

Why learn from James? You'll learn faster and avoid getting bad habits that you'll have to get rid of later.

In this course, you'll get a comprehensive introduction to the guitar and learn the basic techniques and knowledge required to play it. He uses classic rock and pop tunes by artists such as AC/DC, REM and Bryan Adams to teach and demonstrate the techniques in the real world. By the end of this course you'll be able to play these classic riffs like a pro!

Great for beginners who have just bought their first guitar or guitarists with a little experience who want to make sure they're covering the basics properly.

“James is the real deal….Great player, killer tone!!” Joey Sykes (Meredith Brooks/ Will Champlin/ The Babys)