Harmony 101 - getting to the 'good stuff' fast

with Darius Brubeck

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Intermediate 11 lessons (1h 50m) Sheet music included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

Darius Brubeck is a jazz pianist and son of the legendary Dave Brubeck. He's also an educator and has been teaching harmony and jazz for the past 25 years.

This course is a fast-track to understanding music harmony. Darius will take you from the most fundamental information - literally how a C scale is built - to understanding advanced concepts such as chord inversions alterations and voicings. Most importantly, you'll have the vocabulary & common language to express harmony with band members, for example, or in any other practical situation.

This is not a jazz course, and it is not necessary to be a pianist at all to understand it - although having a keyboard is useful since Darius uses a piano as a reference.

By the end of this couse, you'll feel comfortable with the following concepts:

  • scale, chord and key
  • chord function and symbols
  • chord extension and alteration
  • chord voicing and inversion
  • common chord progressions with jazz and blues examples

In this course, Darius illustrates these concepts uses a song that his parents Dave & Iola Brubeck wrote called "Summer Song". As you advanced in the course, you'll get to incorporate they key insights from each lesson into your playing.

BONUS downloads included in this course: Cycle of 4ths / 5ths chart, Triads and 7ths chart, Chords with extensions chart, Summer Song worksheet

Many thanks to Steinway Hall in London for hosting this video recording in such a magnificient setting.