Play Authentic Hammond Organ

with Joe Glossop

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Intermediate 45 lessons (3h 0m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

You don't need to own an organ to take this Hammond Organ course. It's for everyone, from organ enthusiasts to those who play organ lines on keyboard, and those who are simply interested in the instrument.

It's all about playing like an organist, learning the techniques, tunes and tones that the greats of Hammond used on the classic recordings we all love.

Joe Glossop, Hammond organist to Tom Jones and Van Morrison, has distilled his expertise into online organ lessons that cover all the bases. In this Hammond organ course, you'll learn:

  • How a Hammond operates, what types there are and its history 
  • Distinctive Hammond language and techniques from the likes of Billy Preston, Ken Lupper, Jimmy Smith, including percussive playing, slides, 'walks' and 'ghosting'
  • Full in-depth tutorials on the classic Hammond tunes 'Green Onions' by Booker T Jones, and 'All About My Girl' by Jimmy McGriff
  • How to play classic Hammond moments from Steve Winwood and Jimmy Smith
  • How to achieve the tones of classic Hammond tunes like 'A Change is Gonna Come', 'Groovin', 'The Girl from Ipanema' and many more
  • How to play like an organist even without owning a Hammond, including an in-depth look at the 'Hammond Clones' the Nord electro 5d, and the KeyB Duo.

Joe has even made a Spotify playlist where you can hear the classic versions of the tunes featured in these online organ lessons  

Unlock a new skill today with this Hammond Organ course! Or check out our other available keyboard and piano lessons.

Player reviews

“I signed up for your Hammond organ course this week. It's really useful and well-detailed material. I've been working on Jimmy's 'Organ Grinder's Swing.' Will be contacting you about tutoring. In the meantime, just wanted to say thanks for a terrific online course (I own a 1969 B3 and also an XK1-C).”

John F