Where's The Money? Exploring revenue streams for artists

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Beginner 21 lessons (3h 5m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

There are tons of creative ways to make money as an arist in the music industry... from Merch to Brand Partnership and Synch Deals, learn what they are are where to find them.

Our host is Sammy Andrews, CEO of Deviate Digital, who has a huge track record of creating digital strategies for artists like Annie Lennox or Robyn, and labels such as Island Records or Universal Music Group.

In this course, you'll learn to:

  • define your brand as a music artist
  • find out who your fans are and build an online database
  • create a release plan for your music and a social media campaign
  • understand how to work with distributors, managers, promoters and pluggers
  • learn how to make money from brand partnerships and synch deals and where to find them

We've hand-picked a great selection of guests to bring all this to life. We'll talk to artists such as Emma McGann, Tiggi Hawke, Shaodow or James Collins from Lazy Habits who make a living from their music in very different ways. We'll also interview key players from top music companies like Pias RecordsKey Production, Warrren Records, SoundVault, Sentric and TalentBanq.

Please note that these courses no longer include practical assignments and personal feedback, which has been reflected in the pricing.

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