The Guitar of Chet Atkins

with Chet Atkins

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Intermediate 19 lessons (1h 24m) Sheet music included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

You have in front of you something unique and powerful - a guitar course taught by the master of fingerstyle guitar himself, Chet Atkins. These lessons are for intermediate and advanced fingerstyle guitarists.

In the lessons, Chet performs and describes in detail, phrase by phrase, the playing of nine of his classic arrangements. Multiple camera angles presented in split-screen will allow you to carefully study both his left and right hand movements.

"Someone once asked me to estimate how many guitar lessons I've had in my lifetime," Chet has said. "The answer is simple - none. There were no teachers in our neighborhood when I was learning. And if there had been I doubt whether they would have taught me with that shabby guitar of mine. But I kept a lookout for any stray 'picker' that wandered into town and if he knew any new runs I would learn them before he left." You are fortunate - your teacher for this lesson is one of the foremost fingerstyle guitar masters in the history of guitar.

INCLUDED tunes in this course: Maybell, Petite Waltz, Happy Again, Londonderry Aire, When You Wish Upon A Star, young Thing, Bye Bye Blackbird, Mr. Bo Jangles. Also, you'll have the downloadable PDF sheet music for each arrangement - check them out on the "Downloads" tab above.

Have fun!

Player reviews

“Chet is so engaging and funny! 9 pieces played normally then explained by Chet. Including Mr Bojangles, Bye Bye Blackbird, Lover Come Back, Maybelle... Great pieces, well worth learning...”

Richard R

“It's a joy to experience Chet's love of the guitar. Players at any level can learn something from this. ”


“...Chet plays the pieces and then breaks them down and gives a full run through of them at slower speeds. The split screen is excellent and gives you a very detailed view of both hands...Importantly, both the sound and picture quality are excellent throughout. I think almost anyone at any level can pick something up from these videos and Chet is very humble and makes me laugh several times.”