Composition and Creativity in Logic Pro, Part 2

with Dov Waterman

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Intermediate 32 lessons (2h 19m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

In this course, Dov Waterman guides students  through strategies and techniques to develop composition and production workflow efficiency.

In this part (part 2) of the course, Dov demonstrates how to use Logic Pro features effectively:

  • setting up his own personal compositional processes
  • explaining how he approach sessions from start to finish, featuring several case studies of projects he's worked on
  • teaching creative techniques in Logic Pro that can be ported into ANY musical creative environment
  • explaining the mixing, finalizing and boucing processes

If you have some knowledge of Logic Pro, and want to significantly up your game as a composer and realise your musical ideas as they were intended, then this course is for you.

Please note that these courses no longer include personal feedback on the assignments, which has been reflected in the pricing.