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Mastering and Vinyl Cutting with Gearbox Records

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11 lessons · 95m 42s

Gearbox records is a specialist in putting out analog vinyl cuts from digital or analogue sources.
In this course, Darrel and Caspar will cover all the main aspects of what Gearbox does to get their product to market - the last stage of the creative process.

As part of the course, they'll show you the studio and recording process, the EQing process using outboard equipment, the work on digital workstations, the maintenance of the analog reel-to-reels, and go into the detail of cutting vinyl records using the studio's lathe.

This course is aimed to people who are used to digital mastering on the computer and who'll be excited discover how to do the same thing in the analog domain using mainly outboard equipment.
Why Analog mastering? Just because it's sonically better than digital and you're not dependent on hard drive disk space - it all fits on a tape!

Gearbox's mastering studio has the best vintage gear, all in great condition, which gives the best sound and pristine audiophile quality. They're also tied to Mark Ronson's live room next door, and have access to a top-notch recording facility where Grammy's are made!

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Gearbox Records

Founded in 2009, Gearbox has already established a catalogue of over 25 releases including limited editions and deluxe box sets, which are sold around the world through a network of specialist record stores and through its own online music store.

Gearbox has its own studio to master and cut its own records exactly how it wants, with no digital in the signal path or even a digital to analogue convertor to generate preview signals. It features an all valve playback area for vinyl and digital playback and for demonstrating great hifi provided by partners Audio Note.



  • Vintage Haeco Scully with Westrex (Western Electric) heads and cutting amps.


  • Vintage Lang Pultec EQ and limiter, 
  • Maselec master control and de-esser, 
  • Prism Maselec EQ. Ex-Decca all valve bespoke mastering desk.


  • Studer H37: 1969 All valve 1/2 inch interchangeable all valve 3 and 4 track tape machine. One of 2 left in the world and one of the only ways to read 1/2 inch valve multitrack
  • Studer C37: 1965 1/4 inch interchangeable all valve stereo and full face mono tape machine
  • Philips Pro51: 1965 Ex-Decca modified 1/4 inch germanium transistor 2 channel tape machine incorporating 30 ips
  • Studer A671: Interchangeable quarter and half track professional machine for playback of historic domestic and broadcast tapes where both sides of the tape were used for economy.

As Philip Johnson from The Independent puts it, "LP specialist Gearbox is becoming one of the wonders of the age"...

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