Mastering Odd Times

with Darius Brubeck

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Intermediate 12 lessons (2h 10m) Sheet music included Backing tracks included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

Darius Brubeck is a jazz pianist and educator, and son of the legendary Dave Brubeck, who popularised the use of odd-times in jazz. In this online course, Darius has partnered with University of Cape Town music professor Dr Mike Rossi to distill the challenges of playing in odd times and give you the tools and techniques to overcome them.

In this course, Darius and Mike teach you:

  • How to feel odd-times more naturally, covering 5/4 and 7/4 in detail with techniques that apply across all odd times and metres
  • How best to construct melodies and improvise in odd times
  • How to play the tunes Take Five, Unsquare Dance, and three others in odd times, including full performances, play-alongs, and PDF charts
  • How to practise odd-times, including access to etudes and exercises from Darius and Mike's book on Odd Times
  • The history and background behind the embrace of odd times by jazz musicians

When you reach a certain level in most musical fields, you are likely to be called upon to play in odd-times. It's a valuable skill but also a whole new canvas for experimentation in rhythm and groove, which can be really rewarding. Darius and Mike bring together a wealth of experience, and carefully curated resources, in a course that will have you feeling, not only comfortable, but excited by playing in odd-times, just like Dave Brubeck was when he started to experiment with odd times in the late 1950s!

Learn how to master odd-times and experiment with unusual metres.