Song Studies: The Songwriting Secrets of Guy Chambers

with Guy Chambers

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Intermediate 18 lessons (1h 33m) Sheet music included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

In his first ever online songwriting course, Guy Chambers divulges the stories behind his most successful songs including their composition and influences, the personal moments of his career that inspired them lyrically and the studio sessions that helped shape the final production of these songs.

Guy Chambers’ songs covered in this course include:

  • Angels

  • Feel

  • No Regrets

This rich online songwriting course is deeply insightful for singer-songwriters, musicians, piano-players and of course, anyone who is a fan of Guy Chambers.

The course will look at:

  • A step-by-step analysis of the structure of Guy Chambers’ songs

  • Artists that influenced Guy's work including The Beatles, Burt Bacharach, Brit Pop and even classical composers

  • How to build a successful songwriting partnership

  • Songwriting tips including creating drama, tension and release, symmetry 

You will also hear EXCLUSIVE master recordings of each one of these songs as Guy takes you through the production of each track to show you how the finished sound was created.

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  • 18 in-depth lessons from a world-class artist

  • 5-10 minute lessons which you can watch at your own pace

  • Exclusive acoustic performances of Angels, Feel and No Regrets

  • Multi-camera shots showing you different angles of Guy's playing on piano and guitar 

  • An interactive sheet-music player for you to play along with the songs

  • PDFs of the sheet music for you to download

Check out Guy’s course and our many other online songwriting courses now and learn from one of the pros!

Player reviews

“As a piano player I loved seeing what exact notes and inversions you play. The session singing doing the lead vocals was a nice touch. And to hear the sounds inside your recording sessions was fantastic.”


“Being a super fan of Guy I was expecting a lot from the course. All of my expectations were met and exceeded. The course goes into eye-opening details and I loved every minute of it.”