Introduction to the Gazell Method on Harmonica

with PT Gazell

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Intermediate 8 lessons (1h 11m) Backing tracks included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

PT Gazell has earned his position as a master of the half valved diatonic harmonica. After years being the sought after side man and session player for some of Nashville's greatest, PT Gazell discovered half valving and his music literally soared to new heights.

In this course, you'll learn how his half-valved approach can allow you to access musical possibilities not possible on standard diatonic harmonicas.

Specifically, PT explains The Gazell method & half valving:

  • Advantages that half valving provides, with tons of demonstrations, practice exercises, PDF's and audio tracks
  • Importance and instructions on how do to accurate bends on holes 2 & 3 draw, with exercises
  • How to apply this to a song - you'll learn a jazz blues tune called "The Thumb" by Wes Montgomery with head, solo and horn line

PT is a truly inspiring harmonica player and a great educator. Grab your Gazell Method key of C harmonica and let's go!