Photograph of PT Gazell

PT Gazell


PT Gazell has earned his position as a master of the diatonic harmonica. After years being the sought after side man and session player for some of Nashville's greatest, PT Gazell discovered half valving and his music literally soared to new heights.
No other player combines his phrasing, melodic style, song choices and improvisational abilities… his singular style may draw comparisons to Nat King Cole, Benny Goodman, Louie Jordan, Ben Webster, Sweets Edison, Tiny Moore, Wes Montgomery, but in the end, it is a style all his own.
Using his own signature model instrument, the Gazell method diatonic manufactured by Seydel, PT proves that the harmonica is capable of much more than what most of us believe.
Dig It!
You can contact PT directly for 1-on-1 tutoring, or check out his selection of courses to learn half-valving from the master himself.

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