Play Authentic Rock Trumpet

with Mike Lovatt

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Intermediate 27 lessons (0h 54m) Sheet music included Backing tracks included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

Mike Lovatt, acclaimed UK trumpeter and Chair of Trumpet at the Royal Academy of Music in London teaches you how to play trumpet authentically in the Rock style.

The course is structured around 3 specially selected pieces from the book Easy Jazzy 'Tudes that will build your ability to play with the Rock groove. The simple pieces increase in difficulty as the course progresses.

By the end of this course, you'll master the intonation, musicality, techniques and dynamics specific to this style.

Specifically, Mike covers:

  • Rock groove and articulation
  • Breathing and air flow
  • Inflexions such as bends, vibratos, slides and falls
  • Starting and ending tunes
  • Intonation and musicality

This course comes with sheet music for the 3 tunes, demonstrations of Mike playing each piece that you can slow down and loop to focus on the tricky parts, and backing tracks so you can practice playing along with a real latin band.

So let's get started and get groovin'!