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with Charlie Rapino

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In this conversational style course, legendary producer Charlie Rapino (Take That, Kylie, Primal Scream) discusses personal branding in artistry and how to achieve success in pop music.

Spend a few hours in the head of an industry veteran who's consistently produced hit after hit after hit. Go beyond what you've learned in your studio and unlock the door to commercial success.

In this course, you'll get to submit 2 assignments directly to Charlie. He'll review your submissions and give you personal, 1-2-1 video feedback.

The course is split into 4 main chapters:

1. Charlie's path to success: creating a package and a story around your artistry

2. Talent is a gift but success is the job: Charlie reveals his recipe for producing pop hits

3. Rapino Brothers case studies: real world anecdotes from Charlie's industry experience

4. The music industry today: navigating the music industry and avoiding pitfalls

Good luck and let's get started!

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16 lessons (2h 16m) Advanced video features Mobile, tablet & desktop access 100% satisfaction guarantee