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Charlie started in the music industry when as a freshly made lawyer, he started promoting gigs by bringing people like Iggy Pop, Patti Smith etc to a radical Italian university crowd.

After working at the notorious Record Plant NYC and breathing the house scene, he formed the Rapino Brothers, with Marco Sabiu, moved to London in 1990 and never looked back. There they took the decade by storm, producing and recording records. After their first hit with Kym Mazelle’s Love Me The Right Way, they masterminded Take That’s first hit and produced, mixed and fixed many major pop acts during the 1990s, from Kylie to Primal Scream.

In 1997, Charlie was the “on air” producer for BBC’s “Get Your Act Together”, followed by “Full Frontal” on Channel 4. In 1999, Charlie became A&R Director for Sony Music International, where he remained until 2004.

His energy doesn’t diminish – currently he divides his time between management consultancy for Ennio Morricone, consultancy for Rolling Stone magazine, soundtrack work and production consultancy for movies and games, most recently fixing Iggy Pop to do the voice-overs on the Driver 3 video game. Charlie continues to sign and manage acts via his joint venture label with Sony, Stud Records.

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