Building Tracks in Ableton Live

with Isaac Cotec

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Intermediate 17 lessons (1h 52m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

We've teamed up with acclaimed Certified Ableton Trainer Isaac Cotec to create the "ultimate" 3-part Ableton Live course that walks you through all the concepts that you'll need to master it. This is part 3 of the course, great if you're at an intermediate-level, already familiar with the basics of the program - navigating it, the browser, session & arrangement views, Warp modes etc. (you can click here for part 1 and part 2 of the course)

In this part of the course, Isaac goes over the more advanced features of Ableton Live such as editing, moving from session & arrangement views and take control of our editing, dealing with automation, adding audio effects, and remixing.

This is a great course for somebody who knows the basics and wants to start printing out their songs - render out your final track that you're sending out to master for example, or you're writing an album - this is the course for you! Using a mix of "live video", presentations and screen shots, Isaac makes it really easy to follow everything he's doing.

INCLUDED are tons of exercises and course downloads - check them out on the "Downloads" tab above.