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Thinking Out Of The Box 2: And Out You Go!

with Ron Sayer

"Think out of the box" of the blues scale with former UK guitarist of the year Ron Sayer!

This course will give you great ideas on how to use new sounds and notes to make your playing more hip and edgy.

Instrument Guitar

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A MusicGurus course makes the perfect gift

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12 lessons · 87m 21s

Voted "Guitarist of the Year" by Guitarist Magazine, Ron Sayer has worked with Buddy Guy, John Mayall, Matt Schofield just to name a few.

This is the second of Ron's 2-part course, where things start to get quite adventurous. Ron continues to explore ways to improvise on the blues form that go beyond using the blues scale, helping you to 'think out the box' and explore new sounds and notes to make your playing more hip and edgy, without it sounding like jazz!..

So get practicing! Start by watching a few free videos below ...and don't hesitate to get in touch directly with Ron if you want feedback on your playing, just use the video tutoring link to the right.

Lesson Plan

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Using Arpeggios In Your Blues

Half Tone/Whole Scales In Your Blues

Diminished 7th Arpeggios In Your Blues

More Diminished 7th Arpeggios

Sliding 9th To 6th Chords In Your Blues

Quartal Harmony Blues Scale

9th Chord Blues Scale

Minor 7th & Quartal Chords In Your Blues

Major 7th Arpeggios in your Minor Blues

Altered Scales In Your Minor Blues

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He is awesome player and I am sure he can offer exactly what I am looking for. I would buy another course. As far as the quality and format- superb!

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Ron Sayer

Ron Sayer is the consummate ‘Guitarist’s guitarist’. Influential in the careers of Oil Brown, Sol Philcox Mark Howes of Dove and many more, Ron has cemented himself on the UK Blues circuit.
In terms of achievements, Ron has been nominated for four awards in the British Blues Award; namely for the album ‘Better Side’, single ‘Don’t Make Me Stay’ and co-writing Oil Brown’s third album ‘Here I Am’ which landed two of the four awards.
He has also won the coveted Guitarist of The Year award, so you can be sure of mastering your guitar with none other than Ron Sayer Jr.

Full Bio

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