Chopin - Fantasy in F minor Op 49

with Stephen Kovacevich

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Stephen Kovacevich's international reputation as a pianist has been built both on his concert appearances, renowned for their thoughtfulness and creative intensity, and on the highly acclaimed recordings he has made throughout his career. He is considered as one of the most searching interpreters of the core classical repertoire and he has won great admiration for his recordings of Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Chopin. He is also an acclaimed interpreter of contemporary music, including Tippett's piano concerto and Richard Rodney Bennett's concerto (which was dedicated to Kovacevich).

In this masterclass, he examines Chopin's Fantasy in F Minor, an immense piece for piano combining a strong compositional structure to a stylized great degree of improvisation. Composed in 1841, the composer dedicated this piece to his student, princess Catherine de Souzo. Chopin himself had confided he considered this very romantic work as his favourite one. Starting with a deep musical leap, almost mournful, it goes more and more singing with a prevailing passionate melody. This duality is solved by an angelic, almost mystic, aerial climate.

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