Learn & enjoy piano: a fast track method for beginners and returners

with Pro Corda

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Beginner 21 lessons (1h 8m) Backing tracks included

This is a unique method for adult beginners and returners to the piano. Andrew Quartermain, concert pianist and director of Britain's national chamber music school Pro Corda, has developed a fast-track method for beginner pianists.

The method is based on improvisation and has been used to great success by Andrew and his colleagues at Pro Corda with thousands of students and adults. Andrew used this method to teach actress Emma Thompson, as well as other busy professionals who want to experience the joy of piano, without enduring the painfully slow methods designed for children. Now, for the first time Andrew's method is available as a video course.

Improvisation at the keyboard used to be a key skill of any classical musician. Mozart was an improviser! Within the first lesson, you will be encouraged to try melodic improvisations with both hands, and Andrew will then introduce you to the tools a pianist has to deepen their improvisation, adding texture, extending melody, varying pulse and more. Before long you will be encouraged to get into performance mode, thinking about articulation and dynamics.

The power of playing with others is advocated, and there are a number of backing tracks that are available to you to get you started with this. Each backing track leads towards a touchstone piece of classical music, which you will be able to attempt by the time you've completed the course.

If you want to rediscover this wonderful instrument and enjoy the piano straight away, this course is for you. Improvisation develops techinque naturally, and by the end of the course you will feel 100% able to take on appropriate classical piano repertoire. By joining the course you'll have access to a piano community on facebook where you and fellow students will be encouraged to share your improvisations and performances. Andrew and colleagues at Pro Corda and MusicGurus will be on hand to provide advice and guidance there, where your learning journey will continue.

Instructions for Purchasers

Purchasing this course entitles you to two 25 minute, 1-on-1 video lessons with Andrew Quartermain. We suggest you get started on the video lessons, and when you are ready to take on the 'Getting Started Challenge' (lesson 6), you get in touch to arrange your first video lesson.

Email [email protected] to arrange your video lesson with Andrew.

Andrew will give you specific guidance and set you some goals that you can revisit in your second video session. We suggest you book the second session once you have come to the end of all the video lessons.

What's included?

21 lessons (1h 8m) Advanced video features Bonus audio content Mobile, tablet & desktop access 100% satisfaction guarantee