Finding Your Own Voice In The Blues

with Marcus Bonfanti

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Intermediate 9 lessons (1h 34m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

The hardest thing to do on the guitar is finding your own voice. The struggle is that you can learn all the tools, but then how do you "sound like you"?

Marcus has been a pro musician for 15 years. He's the current frontman for Ten Years After and the Ronnie Scott's Blues Explosion and has performed and learned along the way with guitar icons such as Van Morrisson, David Gilmour or Ronnie Wood.

In this course, Marcus shows you interesting rhythm guitar ideas because -let’s face it- thats 70% of the gig and if your comping isn't happening the whole band knows about it! He helps you combine certain techniques to make your playing not only more competent but also allowing you to find your own voice.

Topics covered:
Right hand technique & hybrid picking, left hand and right hand muting, use of chords within the blues, chord substitutions, interesting ways to enhance your rhythm playing and of course soloing & expressing your own personality in your solos.

Player reviews

“"The best instructions on technique and playing I've ever seen, and I've looked at a lot in trying to improve my blues playing on acoustic."”

Ed Holland