MIDI CC messages & mapping Novation LC to MicroKorg parameters

Mark Burnett Lesson time: (18min 19sec)

In this lesson, you'll understand MIDI Control Change messages (as opposed to note messages, which are different). Mark will share some tips on how ways to figure out CC numbers for MIDI devices: either the appendix of the device's manual or MIDI mapping mode in Ableton Live. Another way to easily map CC messages is is to use a pre-built Max for Live device . Demonstration: how to MIDI map Novation knobs to MikroKorg parameters.

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Ableton Certified Trainer Mark Burnett has been working with Ableton products for the past 14 years. He's also an artist on Funk'n Deep Records (Soundcloud, Resident Advisor), whose tracks are appearing in the world’s biggest festivals and largest podcasts from the industry’s heavy-hitters such as Carl Cox & Richie Hawtin. He also manages large scale events such as Workhouse Project. He studied at Imperial College of London.
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