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Madeleine Bloom

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Madeleine Bloom is a classically trained musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from Berlin with her own label Quixotica Records. She studied electroacoustic music at the Franz Liszt Conservatory under Prof. Robin Minard and uses the acquired methods to create her unique mix of Electronica Pop. Madeleine's music has earned her praise from renowned producers such as Guy Sigsworth and Rupert Hine, as well as a personal invitation from Grammy winner Imogen Heap, for whom she opened the show on her last tour. 

A former technical support agent for Ableton, Madeleine founded the online platform Sonic Bloom in 2012, through which she teaches Ableton Live and music production in online courses, workshops and individual classes Additionally, she mixes and masters tracks and songs on demand. She has helped countless people from all over the globe with her in-depth knowledge of all things Ableton Live, Push and Max for Live as well as audio engineering, music theory, composition and sound design.

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