Ravel - Tzigane

with Maxim Vengerov

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Maxim Vengerov is recognised as one of the world's most exciting and brilliant violinists. His exceptional talent emerged when he was very young. He gave his first recital at the age of five and went on to win First Prize in the Junior Wieniawski Competition when he was ten years old, confirming his promise as a violinist of rare talent. Still in his mid-thirties he is now acknowledged throughout the world as one of the great musicians of our time.

He is also an outstanding teacher and is Professor of Violin at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Perceptive, entertaining and always sensitive to the individual personality and ability of his pupils, he has an extraordinary ability to convey his insights into the music and inspire his students.

In this masterclass, he works on Ravel's virtuoso showpiece, Tzigane Ravel composed Tzigane in 1924, after having heard Jelly d'Arányi, Joseph Joachim's niece, play Bartók's Sonata No. 1 in London. He wrote: "To our friend, who plays with such an ease, she convinced me to compose a work whose diabolical technicality will revive the Hungary seen in my dreams". With one movement only, this work starts in a tense atmosphere, almost gloomy, but its ending is absolutely delighting. Charles Baudelaire wrote about it: "Tzigane makes one want to dance, or to cry, or to do both at the same time [...] should we listen to them a bit longer, we would become crazy!." Indeed, we have here all the elements of a popular dance.

Student: Pedro Meiriles

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