Principles of Jazz Harmony and Improvisation

with Peter Martin

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Advanced 9 lessons (2h 34m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

According to Dianne Reeves, "Peter's artistry is nothing short of extraordinary!"

In this course, Peter teaches you harmonic concepts fundamental to playing and improvising over countless Jazz tunes and standards, and how to practice and assimilate these concepts. He also touches on rhythmic concepts. A must for anyone aiming to build solid foundations in Jazz improvisation and the theory that underpins it.

The course is great for musicians playing any instrument; piano or otherwise!

"Peter is able to teach in a way that everyone can understand and he plays beautifully too, which is a bonus!" Kazuo S. @ Japan

Player reviews

“I REALLY appreciate the ideas and the advice. Some really good stuff that I will be getting to work on ASAP”

Dean T