Controlling extra FX with a Microsoft Kinect & body movement

Mark Burnett Lesson time: (11min 18sec)

Use Synapse to detect body motion with the Microsoft Kinect. Convert this motion into MIDI instructions by using a Max for Live device called "Max Kinect Dial". Assign this MIDI information to Delay and Auto-filter effects to gain crazy creative control over the sounds produced by the Hades. Time to JAM!

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Ableton Certified Trainer Mark Burnett has been working with Ableton products for the past 14 years. He's also an artist on Funk'n Deep Records (Soundcloud, Resident Advisor), whose tracks are appearing in the world’s biggest festivals and largest podcasts from the industry’s heavy-hitters such as Carl Cox & Richie Hawtin. He also manages large scale events such as Workhouse Project. He studied at Imperial College of London.
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