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In this video, Goetz sums up the main steps so far: -listen to the rough mix -think about the song - where do you want to go with it -use a good mix template -sort all your parts into groups -color code everything -make sure everything is in time and in tune -mix your drums and achieve a good balance, check them on speakers, check them in mono -work some more on your drums and bass - panning, EQ, compression -add in lead instruments one at a time -add the vocals - this requires a lot of extra work and attention to detail -finally, work on the dynamics, special effects and rides

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In the early nineties, I trained at Swanyard Recording Studios, assisting for top producers like Flood, Alan Moulder and Tom Lord-Alge. I started to cut my teeth recording and mixing dance and Acid Jazz Bands of the 90’s Incognito, Galliano, Soul to Soul and many others.
At Swanyard Studios, I met Rollo Armstrong and we quickly formed a creative partnership. Our collaboration led to many big dance records and remixes and...  read more

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