Mozart - Violin Concertos Nos 3,4,5

with Ana Chumachenco

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Ana Chumachenco is recognised as one of the foremost violin teachers in the world and is a professor at the renowned Musikhochschule in Munich. She started to play the violin at the age of four, initially taught by her father, himself a disciple of the great Loepold Auer. At the age of 18 she was awarded the gold medal at the Carl Fleisch competition in London and Yehudi Menuhin, Joseph Sigeti and Sandor Vegh were among her mentors at that time. As well as teaching, she appears as soloist with major orchestra and devotes much of her time to chamber music.

Currently a professor at the renowned Musikhochschule in Munich, the talented violinist is in her element in this masterclass, showing to students her performance of Mozart's first movements of the Concerto for violin No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 composed by Mozart when he was only nineteen.

Students: Eldbjorg Hemsing, Andrej Power, Ania Filochowska

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