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I am on the Digital Dream Door list of the 100 best fingerstyle guitar players of all time, which includes dead ones. I used to put this in my press materials.  But then I figured it was just the lone opinion of some dude/gal somewhere in cyberspace.  Anyone can make a list. Besides, how many fingerstyle guitar players can there be anyway? It must be hard not to make the top 100.  I suspect the 81-100 slots are all made up names. As long as you did a guitar CD you’re top 80. I think I was 77. Maybe I’ll be deleted from the list now that I’ve said all this.  But I appreciate the passion of whomever compiled it. Thanks for including me, and it impressed my mother.  Maybe it won’t now.

"Once in a while an album comes along that can alter your thinking about guitar music - Steve Baughman's Farewell to Orkney is one of those....A must for all lovers of guitar and especially Celtic music."
--Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"A star of fingerstyle guitar: very deft, thoughtful, quietly adventurous, deeply lyrical and playful."
--Radio National, Australia

"Steve's artistry and musicality are world-class, with dynamics, timing and interpretation that always bring out the emotional essence of the song."
--Sing Out Magazine

"...technical innovation, virtuosity, and intensity."
--Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"Incredible virtuosity ... showcases the quiet beauty of the open-tuned acoustic guitar."
--Marin Independent Journal (Too bad it's not the Washington Post. But I'll take it.)

Farewell to Orkney listed as one of the "Best Albums of 2013" by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

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