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Rachel Lynes

Voice, Singing

Courses with Rachel Lynes

Rachel works with singers who include recording artists, and West End performers. She has been studying the voice for over 20 years with an emphasis on the connection with mental health and well-being with singing. As a performer, she spent 10 years playing leading roles in the West End and internationally, working with everyone from Andrew Lloyd Webber to Tony and Olivier award-winning creatives. 

Fondly named, 'the voice whisperer' by the singers she works with, Rachel's rigorously technical yet accessible approach combines the science with the heart.

Rachel is also founder and coach at the Sing Space, a global online space. The Sing Space offers 24-7 access to group classes, 121 singing classes and is home to the world's first Vocal Gym™. The Sing Space is open to singers of all levels who are ready to take their singing to the next level and to reach their potential with 360 degree training. Sing Space members are also offered exclusive opportunities to sing in front of some of the industry's leading creatives including casting directors, directors, producers and West End stars.

If you want to work closely with Rachel and the Sing Space coaches, you can find out more at

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