The Saxophone Method
Repertoire Book 1

The Saxophone Method Repertoire Book 1


001_Syrian Song
002_Syrian Song-BT
003_This Old Hammer
004_This Old Hammer-BT
005_The Mocking Bird Song
006_The Mocking Bird Song-BT
007_Winter ade
008_Winter ade-BT
009_El testament d'Amälia
010_El testament d'Amälia-BT
011_Michael, Row The Boat
012_Michael, Row The Boat-BT
013_Asmar el Loun
014_Asmar el Loun-BT
015_Volt Ikh Gehat Koyekh
016_Volt Ikh Gehat Koyekh-BT
019_Ein Niderlendisch tentzlein
020_Ein Niderlendisch tentzlein-BT
021_Land Of The Silver Birch
022_Land Of The Silver Birch-BT
025_The Spanish Lady
026_The Spanish Lady-BT
027_St. James Infirmary
028_St. James Infirmary-BT
031_Careless Love
032_Careless Love-BT
034_Ringdans (Sax 1)
035_Botany Bay
036_Botany Bay-BT
037_Liza Jane
038_Liza Jane-BT
039_Chimes At Night
040_Chimes At Night-BT
041_Derry Ding Ding Dason (sax 1, 2 & 3)
042_Derry Ding Ding Dason (sax 1 & 3)
043_Derry Ding Ding Dason (sax 1 & 2)
044_Derry Ding Ding Dason (sax 1)
045_The Cuckoo
046_The Cuckoo-BT
047_L'homme armÇ
048_L'homme armÇ-BT
049_The Blacksmith
050_The Blacksmith-BT
051_Ida Red
052_Ida Red-BT
053_Cockles And Mussels
054_Cockles And Mussels-BT
055_Ode To Joy
056_Ode To Joy-BT
057_Old Texas
058_Old Texas-BT
059_If Ye Love Me (sax 1 & 2)
060_If Ye Love Me (sax 1)
061_If Ye Love Me (sax 2)
062_If Ye Love Me-BT
063_Golden Slumbers
064_Golden Slumbers-BT
065_Jarabe tapatio
066_Jarabe tapatio-BT
067_The Keys Of Canterbury
068_The Keys Of Canterbury-BT
069_See See Rider
070_See See Rider-BT
071_Sofou Unga Astin Min
072_Sofou Unga Astin Min-BT
073_Duerme negrito
074_Duerme negrito-BT
075_Turn The Glasses Over
076_Turn The Glasses Over-BT
077_Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
078_Make Me A Pallet On The Floor-BT
081_Annie Laurie
082_Annie Laurie-BT
083_Buddy Bolden's Blues
084_Buddy Bolden's Blues-BT
087_The Star Of The County Down
088_The Star Of The County Down-BT
089_GymnopÇdie 1
090_GymnopÇdie 1-BT
091_Cancao de ninar
092_Cancao de ninar-BT
093_GymnopÇdie 2
094_GymnopÇdie 2-BT
095_GymnopÇdie 3
096_GymnopÇdie 3-BT
097_I Got A Robe,You Got A Robe_2
098_I Got A Robe, You Got A Robe_2-BT
099_The John B. Sails
100_The John B. Sails-BT
101_Mango Walk
102_Mango Walk-BT
103_A Mayo Air
104_A Mayo Air-BT
105_Lyke As The Birds (sax 1 & 2)
106_Lyke As The Birds (sax 1)
107_Lyke As The Birds (sax 2)
108_Torna a Surriento
109_Torna a Surriento-BT
110_Little David
111_Little David-BT
112_A Virgen, que de Deus
113_A Virgen, que de Deus-BT
114_Je ne cuit pas (sax 1 & 2)
115_Je ne cuit pas (Sax 1)
116_Je ne cuit pas (sax 2)
117_Cotton Eyed Joe
118_Cotton Eyed Joe-BT
119_Era de maggio
120_Era de maggio-BT
121_Theme from Symphony No 94
122_Theme from Symphony No 94-BT
123_Hora Fetelor
124_Hora Fetelor-BT
125_By The Rivers Of Babylon
126_By The Rivers Of Babylon-BT
127_Hanacpachap cussicuinin (sax 1 & 2)
128_Hanacpachap cussicuinin (sax 1)
129_Hanacpachap cussicuinin (sax 2)
130_Hanacpachap cussicuinin-BT
131_Down By The Riverside
132_Down By The Riverside-BT
133_La suavecita
134_La suavecita-BT
135_Happy Birthday To You
136_Happy Birthday To You-BT
137_Tempus adest floridum
138_Tempus adest floridum-BT
139_In dulci jubilo
140_In dulci jubilo-BT
141_A la nanita nana
142_A la nanita nana-BT
143_God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
144_God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen-BT
145_The Cherry Tree Carol
146_The Cherry Tree Carol-BT
147_Let It Sound
148_Let It Sound-BT
149_Deck The Hall
150_Deck The Hall-BT
151_O Tannenbaum
152_O Tannenbaum-BT
153_Auld Lang Syne
154_Auld Lang Syne-BT

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