Everyday I'm Shufflin' - The Blues Shuffle Challenge

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Take on Paddy's blues shuffle challenge! Record yourself playing a blues shuffle using ideas from Paddy's course 'Stylistic and Creative Ideas for Blues Shuffle'.  Here's the kicker - change key every chorus, go up chromatically, or round the cycle of fifths or fourths, and cover all twelve keys!!!

When you're ready press 'start' on a tutoring exchange with paddy here https://www.musicgurus.com/tutors/paddy-milner and use the code '0246CHALLENGEACCEPTEDPADDY' in the 'coupon code' box to send your video.

If you haven't seen Paddy's course on blues shuffle find it here https://www.musicgurus.com/course/stylistic-creative-ideas-for-your-blues-piano-shuffle

What's included?

14 lessons (2h 17m) Advanced video features Downloadable sheet music Mobile, tablet & desktop access 100% satisfaction guarantee