Everyday I'm Shufflin' - The Blues Shuffle Challenge

Paddy Milner Lesson time: (1min 35sec)

Take on Paddy's blues shuffle challenge! Record yourself playing a blues shuffle using ideas from Paddy's course 'Stylistic and Creative Ideas for Blues Shuffle'.  Here's the kicker - change key every chorus, go up chromatically, or round the cycle of fifths or fourths, and cover all twelve keys!!!

When you're ready press 'start' on a tutoring exchange with paddy here https://www.musicgurus.com/tutors/paddy-milner and use the code '0246CHALLENGEACCEPTEDPADDY' in the 'coupon code' box to send your video.

If you haven't seen Paddy's course on blues shuffle find it here https://www.musicgurus.com/course/stylistic-creative-ideas-for-your-blues-piano-shuffle

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Paddy Milner is not only recognised as one of the leading blues piano players in the world (he is currently keyboard player of choice for Sir Tom Jones , following several years with the late great Jack Bruce), but also as a superb original songwriter and distinctive singer. Just read the praise from the likes of Dave Brubeck! His playing was featured on the soundtrack for the hit 2019 film 'Rocketman'.
He has twice won the...  read more

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